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Imperial Date baser File......

File Activated: Imperial Military/

Military/=Army Rank: Soldier<X>

Class: Clone Trooper

Role: Infantry

Type: Front-Line Soldier

Affiliation: CCC Empire, Imperial Army

Headquarters: Istanbul Galactica

Weapons: Numerous types of Imperial gear ranging from energy to projectile and explosives; Mark 3C-Phase II Body Armor.

The Imperial Clone Trooper is the standard unit in the Imperial Army. Forming the backbone of the Empire; Clone Troopers were designed to be perfect, supersoldiers. Age acceleration and other genetic modifications, including enhanced  strength,speed,patience,intelligence,and endurance are key elements in all clones.

Easily distinct from other units within the Empire by there grey,bulky,spikey body armor, Clone Troopers feel no fear and lay there ultimate loyalty to serve and die for the Empire.

Cold,unfeeling,and brutal, Troopers go through years of brutal training in which half the batch does not make through, resulting in the best of the best.

Personality gain is discouraged, and personal interests and possessions for Clone Troopers is forbidden in the Empire.
Although Clone Troopers often worked alongside the Imperial Intelligence and Navy, the Clone Troopers operated independently of all branches of the Empire. Hence, the Corps possessed its own command structure, ranking system and support facilities. Together with the Imperial Otto Guard, Clone Troopers answered directly to Emperor CCC12, but were managed on a daily basis by officers.

The basic unit of organization was the individual trooper. Each Clone Trooper was assigned a designation for tactical purposes and to reinforce the Imperial ethic of uniformity.

Troopers were organized into squads, platoons, companies, battalions, regiments and legions. A company commander could give command to regular officers over any given squad or platoon. When it was first formed before the rise of the CCC Empire, Clone Trooper squads had 8 troopers, including a sergeant and a corporal, platoons had 32 troopers (four squads) and were led by a lieutenant and a sergeant-major, companies usually encompassed 128 troopers (four platoons) and were led by a captain, a battalion encompassed 512 troopers (four companies) and were led by a major, a regiment was composed of 2,048 troopers (four battalions) and were led by a lieutenant colonel, and a legion possessed 8,192 troopers (four regiments) led by a high colonel.

-In addition to their role as the elite military soldiers of the CCC Empire, the Imperial Clone Troopers were the most visible symbol of Emperor CCC12's rule and the unrivaled might of the Imperial war machine.

They are the highly trained soldiers that were unwaveringly dedicated to enforcing Imperial power through fear and brutality on countless worlds spread throughout the earth,galaxy and universe as with others. Whether on the ground or in space, their purpose is to attack with speed, accuracy and overwhelming numbers when ever faced with an insurrection against the Empire.

Loyalty, obedience and the readiness to die for Emperor CCC12 are the primary traits that are indoctrinated into all Clone Troopers. In their capacity as enforcers of the Empire, Clone Troopers are also trained to completely support and uphold the ideals of the CCC Empire. Every individual trooper is fully expected to obey their superior officers without question or hesitance, regardless if they were required to unleash harm on others or even place themselves in extreme danger.

As a result of their militaristic and highly disciplined nature, Clone Troopers are well aware of their expendable status to the Emperor—and they are ready to lay down their lives to ensure the continuance of his reign and the Empire.

Clone Troopers are genetically modified to suppress their individuality with unquestioning loyalty; Using there super enchanced senses and abilities to crush all in there path.

Personality gain is discouraged for Clone Troopers and any Trooper who becomes to independent-minded, or gains personal possessions or goals are either sentenced to death or reconditioned.

-All Clone Troopers don high grade Mark 3C Clone Trooper body armor impervious to all pistols and most solid projectile weapons and also protect the trooper from most military grade Energy rifles and carbines. Clone Troopers carry cylindrical thermal detonators that can be set for 6-18 seconds. They also have a utility belt capable of carrying grappling hooks, several extra magazines, pellet bombs, Medical kits, rations, various special rounds compatable with there various rifles( I.E- tranquilizer, incendiary ect.), and there power crystal in the middle.


-The original rifle for Clone Troopers was the 3C-880C gL Assualt Rifle, capable of rapid fire or burst shots. The Weapon also fetured a non removable grenade launcher which could carry 5 grenades of Baridium core grenades. Equipped with a laser pointer,retractable stand for mounting, and a 7FD barrel cooler to prevent overheating.
The 3C Gamma Scope allowed for distances up to 75 kilometers allowing the rifle to be used as a sniper as well. As with all Imperial weapons,the 3C-880C gL was designed for rapid reloading.It was good for 35 minutes of continuous firing.

As time passed, this rifle was replaced with the Imperial Mark-22 "Shortshot" Assualt Rifle. The new arms improved on overheating by installing 8FD barrel cooler, while increasing energy capacity for over 750 shots. The rifle had attachments such as the "Hush" Model laser pointer,a computer enhanced scope,and carried the C3 Grenade launcher which could hold up to 6 Baridium-Uranium Core grenades.

The lighter and more compact rifle also quickly earned favor with the troops.
A new feature was the Imperial Finger scanner designed to read the hand prints of Clones. Due to being exact copies of each other, any foreign print detected would result in the lock of the rifle, rendering it useless. hence, this rifle was not just strictly Imperial, but also strictly Clone Trooper.

The standard Side arm for Clones was the A30C Heavy Blaster Pistol. Devastating at short to medium ranges the pistol had the ability to bust through most materials;A direct shot was enough to bust through Clone Armor. The weapons reliability and power made it a favorite amongst Officers and even the Supereme Imperial Commander Souledge-Master who always carried a pair of these pistols as his standard arms along with his mythical sword the Ravager.

Other weapons included the TC24 Blaster which was favored amongst the rookies, and is still used despite being obsolete. The CTO-416xm Blaster was the failure weapon used for a brief time in the Army; It's akward design and extra handle left no room for the grenade launcher causing misfires; Also the heavy barrel was a burden of the light base not to mention the weapon itself was weak.

The C-15x Sniper Rifle is the standard Sniper of the Imperials, with long range,computer enhanced scope and burning power. The MC-15 Night Ops rifle was used by Commandos.

-First Generation Clone Troopers wore Mark 3C Phase I body armor, designed by the Emperor himself. Made of Duraplasteel with Tetonite encrusting, and lined with carbon tubes, the armor was impervious to most weapons solid and energy; However it offered limited protection against light-sabers due to the energy pack in the pack plate of the armor could over heat causing explosions.

The Helmet had 2 radios,a tracking device,filters making troopers immune to bio attacks,and a computed enhanced visor with multiple vision settings. Designed to be intimidating as well as efficient, standard armor was colored light grey with dark grey trimmings, covered in spikes witch also functioned as missles. the power cells were located in the left knee rim and the control panel was in the stomach armor.

As time progressed, the new and improved Mark 3C Phase II armor was creating, eleminating any flaws in the old design.
Notable Clone Troopers:

-Head Honcho
"For the Empire,A One-Man Army to destroy you all!!!"
W.A.R File: Clone Trooper
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