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He who shall not be named!
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I like food :iconshiftyrapefaceplz: :iconliftyrapefaceplz:
I like :iconpokemonplz:, :iconstarwarsplz: :iconmoarplz: :iconsharkplz:......anyway my names Name Classified i live in Antalya Turkey i was born in Istanbul and at age 2 i moved to :iconnewyorkplz: and then TAMPA!!!

I lived there for 9 years then moved back to Turkey this is my second and a half year here i usally hang out with my friends here and roleplay with them ( i love roleplaying) and talking about other stuff (you need a regular conversation evry now and then) i wish to improve in the art department which i have (though my pics are kindergarden paintings compared to other awsome photos i see here) i also wanna write a few stories too i also have a split personality Crazy the evil and pychotic but stupid side of me who keeps on trying to take over the world with an army of clone cacneas that shoot lasers I HEARD THAT watever this is Clone signing off.

Rp Notes: /Jocasa: Ooooooh.....I wanna evolve into a big,strong Carnactus and eat everyone! ^^/

Closest Friends:
:iconbannedforlies: one of my closest friends and roleplay buddy
~:iconstitch62633:- my first DA friend
~:iconmutitus:- Proffessor and friend
:iconsouledge-master: One of my best dA buddies!
:icondragontamer1995: CCC12 :heart: U!
:iconthegreekweegee:: Badass friend of mine. B-)
:iconshadowofgiratina:: Another awesome friends of mine
Members of the CCC Empire:
-:iconsouledge-master::Supreme Commander of the İmperial army
-:icondragontamer1995::Marshall Commander of the 21st Nova corps
-:iconbannedforlies:: Private
-:iconryuiku::My apprentice
-:iconthegreekweegee:- Mercanary and occasional hired bounty hunter.
-:iconshadowofgiratina:- Major of the Shadow-Knight Legion
-:icon123mew2:- Private
-:iconmechwarrior1997:-ECC Defect and Private

My Enemies:
-:iconevilconcacnea17::He must die because he is the biggest threat to my empire!!!
-:iconorhanismail::My backstabbing cousin........who is Evils ally
-:iconvipercommando::My enemy and an asshole
-:iconbobafettplz:: Damn Bounty Hunter
-:iconpiggynetworkcenter:: Defected to the ECC Clan

LIVE.....CLONECAPTAINCACNEA12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evillaugh: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute::salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute::salute: :salute: :salute: :headbang: :headbang: :stormtrooper: :stormtrooper: :stormtrooper: :stormtrooper: :stormtrooper: :stormtrooper: :stormtrooper: :stormtrooper: :stormtrooper: :headbang: :headbang:

:iconempireplz: :iconempireplz: :iconempireplz: :iconempireplz: :iconempireplz:

Current Residence: home
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large
Print preference: none
Favourite genre of music: I SAID I HATE MUSIC!!!!
Favourite photographer: Not sure
Favourite style of art: Action Digatal and bloody
Operating System: Paint
MP3 player of choice: Samsung S-model MP3 player
Shell of choice: Chocolate Shell :P
Wallpaper of choice: Green
Skin of choice: White
Favourite cartoon character: Pikachu and Daffy Duck and Lifty and Shifty and so much more
Personal Quote: YOU MUST DIE!!!!!!! ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!

Me-Unbreakable by Bon Jovi…

Clone Marshal Commander Cooker's……
Clone Captain Lock's…

Main Pokemon Team Theme:…


Wildvine: Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

The CCC Empire:The Imperial March

Link to Chatroom:… CCC Empire members ONLY!
Got this one from 123mew2.

Let's do this!
1. You must link to the Random Pokemon Generator in your journal.
2. You must set the RPG to "Generate 1 Pokemon;All Regions;All Types" unless asked otherwise.
3. You must set Ubers, NFEs (Not Fully Evolveds), and Natures on.
4. Enjoy.

The Meme:

The meme:
1. This Pokemon is your younger brother/sister.
:iconmisdreavusplz: with relaxed nature
She's gonna haunt me everyday at night isn't she? ;.;

2. This Pokemon is your older brother/sister.
:iconregigigasplz: with Haughty nature
Yes, so much yes. We shall rule the school AND THE WORLD AS WELL!

3. This Pokemon is your boyfriend/girlfriend.
:iconreshiramplz: with Adamant nature.
How very very fitting :3

4. This Pokemon was your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.
:iconsphealplz: with Careful nature
So cuuuute, but probably no fun. :/

5. This Pokemon is your best friend.
:iconmagmarplz: with Relaxed nature
Ok I can understand this completely XD

6. This Pokemon likes to bully you. (If it generates a Legendary roll another Pokemon)
:iconnidoranplz: with Timid nature.

7. This Pokemon lives in your basement.
:iconarceusplz: with Careful nature
Avalar, wtf are you doing in my basement!?

 8. This Pokemon stalks you in the hopes you will marry him/her.
:iconlickitungplz: with Hardy nature
:iconimhorrifiedplz: :iconohgodwhyplz:

9. This Pokemon has your "ideal" body type.
:iconfeebasplz: with Modest nature
Ok what are you people trying to tell me? :I

10. This Pokemon wants to be your ideal man/woman.
:icondarkrai-plz: with Timid nature
Cooker's not here, move along.

11. This Pokemon wants to make a Hentai with you. (Turn off NFEs)
:iconklink-plz: with Naughty nature
:iconimhorrifiedplz: :iconohgodwhy-plz: ...........BABY, GRIIIIIIIIND ON ME! Nah jk. *shot for making the most terrible reference known to man*

12. This Ghost-type Pokemon haunts you. (Set it to Generate 1 Pokemon;All Regions;Ghost)
:icondrifblimplz: with Sassy nature.
Not sure of wait, I'm terrified.

13. This Pokemon is what you fear the most.
:iconhonedgeplz: with Quirky nature.
Quirky sword.......not sure if terrified or amused.

14. This Pokemon annoys you.
:icongiratinaplz: with Hasty nature
:I Nope. Not gonna say anything.

15. This Pokemon of the opposite gender wants to go out with you. (If it's Neutral, excluding Legendaries, roll another Pokemon)
:icondusclopsplz: with Adamant nature.
Baby it's not you, it's me......ok and maybe cause your a creepy looking ghost is the reason as well.

16. This Pokemon wants to put you in the hospital just because.
:iconpumpkabooplz: with Careful nature
Pffff, riiiiiiiiiiight good luck with that.

17. This Pokemon wants to lynch you because you're white/black/asian/homosexual/bisexual/cisgendered/transgendered. (If it rolls a Legendary roll another Pokemon)
:iconmightyenaplz: with Adamant nature.
Well screw you too! D:<

18. This Pokemon wants to live out its sexual fetishes with the Pokemon from #16. (if it rolls the Pokemon in #16 roll another Pokemon)
;iconhitmonchanplz: with Bold nature.
:iconimhorrifiedplz: :iconohgodwhy-plz:

19. This Psychic-type Pokemon wants to read your fortune.(switch type to Psychic?)
:icondelphox-plz: with Hardy nature
Fuck yeah! Best fortune teller ever!

20. This Pokemon likes to block your path. (If it rolls the Pokemon in #5, #8, #11, or #15 feel free to laugh)
:icontentacoolplz: with Gentle nature
:I *steps on him as I walk through*

22. This Pokemon must be in your webcam/Tumblr or Facebook posts the rest of tomorrow.
:iconelectrikeplz: with Serious nature.
Alllllllllllllllrighty then!
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: Around the World
  • Reading: the words on the screen
  • Watching: South Park
  • Playing: Star Wars: Empire at War
  • Eating: Sustenance
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

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